Observations – 2 Poems

I watched your toes bleed-
I think you curled them
as you got nervous when you
They scratched against the rock,
you didn’t notice
but I watched,
I watched the blood
leak out of the
top of your
parched nub of a

I watched your toes bleed-
I sat next to you,
it made me want to laugh
I understand your nerves
and feel for you,
like the rocks
felt your flesh
tear against their own
and knew you didn’t notice.


Parallel lines
We walk next to
But never touch
Or cross
Am I an omen
The dreaded albatross
Who knows
But our heads remain
Bows pointed straight
This is what
The self is all
Don’t look
Don’t open your
I laugh out loud
But there you go
Already turning away
To avoid
The sway
Of my hips
And the pat pat
Of footsteps too close
To your own


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