‘All I write are love poems’: A Brief Collection

Landscapes I would paint pictures of you If they would Do your formJustice butI can’t really wieldThat kind of brushWellEnough to captureThe way your bodyMoves The lookThe lines and Curves Of your fleshYou draw perfectionOnto every surface which youEclipse and push intoMy viewYou are the object Of which every landscape is Back cast  Nighttime Lullaby  You breathe. Deep and sharp, the breaths Rise and […]

to be real

i don’t want to be mad,but just when i can feel normalcy and the calm slow releaseof built up tensions,and i breathe and my pulse putters slowly slowly to a stop, everything flies topsy-turvy,as in my dreams,i realize everything is wrong,i pretend nothing is,and it worksand i fall intobeautiful rhythms,you give me some, you beat beautiful things into me, into my mind, where impressions are left– but bad […]