‘All I write are love poems’: A Brief Collection


I would paint pictures of you 
If they would 
Do your form
Justice but
I can’t really wield
That kind of brush
Enough to capture
The way your body
The look
The lines and 
Of your flesh
You draw perfection
Onto every surface which you
Eclipse and push into
My view
You are the object 
Of which every landscape is 
Back cast 

Nighttime Lullaby 

You breathe. 
Deep and sharp, the breaths 
Rise and fall out of you
Like molasses. 
It’s sweet. 
Your body heaves, flutters 
And I 
Place my hand above your
Inked chest; I want to settle you. 
Calm you, 
Not conquer. I want to settle,
Though, perhaps in your 
Bones or the grooves 
Of your flecked flesh. 
The round of your
Shoulders against that backdrop, 
My bedroom wall, is beautiful, 
And I breathe it in. 
As if it were a scent. 
My own breast flutters with your 
Warmth so close, I rise and fall, 
Heaving my love for you out through 
My eyes and 
Nose and 
Your eyes are closed against the 
Nighttime world, lids weighed by 
Long hours; I promise I will only burden you with my love. 
I will spread it on you, 
Thick and thin, 
But let my breath heave with yours, 
In stillness let me wander; 
For the caverns of your chest are deep, but your soul I’ll keep for 


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