M Problems

We just wanted a couple more nights
Of fun, but we were robbed blind
And I scrambled in the dark for some
Semblance of a key but it just
kept turning into cocaine.

I wept that I had to clean up again–
broken candy canes, beer cans,
bloody tissues.

I just want to make rent, but cash
Floweth from my familiar vein and
So some people keep pointing to it
Like el dorado in the sunlight.

I don’t really understand it, but it’s
Shiny and it’s making you happy,
But the windows and doors are coated
In heavy powder, thick dust.

I can’t keep cleaning them over
and over just to find the trail blown

I turned out the lights too and thought
I wouldn’t be scared, I’m an adult now,
But sighs seep out of the emptiness
And I am scared as shit.


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