A Week of Forgetting

A week of forgetting, well maybe six days,were spent pretending:I don’t have,I don’t have,I don’t missyou.I do love—but, from asafe distance, where I cansit in the self-enveloping numbnessthat embodied six monthsof separationand the Unknown fear ofan unsafe distance.I felt I could do it again, and I did,again and again, searching forNothing to feel.Nothing to miss.Maybe […]

‘All I write are love poems’: A Brief Collection

Landscapes I would paint pictures of you If they would Do your formJustice butI can’t really wieldThat kind of brushWellEnough to captureThe way your bodyMoves The lookThe lines and Curves Of your fleshYou draw perfectionOnto every surface which youEclipse and push intoMy viewYou are the object Of which every landscape is Back cast  Nighttime Lullaby  You breathe. Deep and sharp, the breaths Rise and […]

Your Wrists

Your wrists I have always known to be ThinSo much thinner than mineWith white skin Stretched tightPearlescent, I could see your Blue veins shimmer, Small tunnels, through yourSoft skin Mother, Your wrists were so paleBut your arms were so strong You held me so closeI would rub those wristsBetween my thumb andForefinger The motion, over your Warm, barely concealed by fleshLife force underneath I could feel […]


To Consume Consume: to altogether take up you, altogether take up me you, consume me devour me, you to I – the object of your consummation; I to you – the subject invading, no, enveloping the soft folds of my brain suffering from consumption this wasting disease of being overwhelmed by you eat me drink […]

Cigarette Poetry

I cigarette limp in an unsteady hand while feet pace down the dark and lonely street the smell clings to the tendrils of fire like hair as ashes fall in the dark on soft, clean linen laying against the pillow smells of your skin and being “wish you were here” tears fall slowly reality is […]