Star Babies

All those beautiful pinholes in the ceiling, tiny pricks of light leaking into a darkened world. A thousand light years away could not keep them from burning roundness in our vision. A deity’s million jewels revolving and reveling in their adornment on a deep blue mantel– brighter than eyes spying on the offspring below, worlds […]

The peace and quiet of the free world

The peace and quiet of the free world, Bathed in obscurity–faces Which pass like blank slates For our own imagination’s sake Imagine Your world colored with your own pallet; a world of white noise Interlaced with Stark grey lines Smudged like a  water-stain; Disruptions in strange purity, In strained piety, In sustained propriety of An […]

Khimaira & The Mirror

Khimaira Floundering, I struggle for consciousness, grasping for anything, anything, tangible to hold– I slip and the whole of the sopping slope falls down with me, ungraspable slime, the sludge of half-attempts at dichotomous chimeras; experiments in the fusion of human emotion and reality– only water and dirt remain. Perhaps, fission is to blame: the […]