To Consume Consume: to altogether take up you, altogether take up me you, consume me devour me, you to I – the object of your consummation; I to you – the subject invading, no, enveloping the soft folds of my brain suffering from consumption this wasting disease of being overwhelmed by you eat me drink […]

Privilege & Guilt

I I need to go where this skin, this white skin,can be stripped away.Where I won’t feelthe looming sensations,of my shadow,dark and heavy,on my countenance,showing me mywhiteness. I need to be where thesepale handswon’t shine so bright;glare, rather. But I don’t want to blend. I want to stand out, but not as “special”, not as “chosen”,not as “pure”, but as the other,as different,as shunned-so I don’t […]

Cigarette Poetry

I cigarette limp in an unsteady hand while feet pace down the dark and lonely street the smell clings to the tendrils of fire like hair as ashes fall in the dark on soft, clean linen laying against the pillow smells of your skin and being “wish you were here” tears fall slowly reality is […]